Longarm Border Designs on Cathy's Quilt.jpg
Closeup of 1952 Quilt top that was quilted with meandering stitch for Kris K..jpg
A 1952 Quilt for Kris K of her grandmother's top with 108 inch wide backing used..jpg
Little House on Praririe Outside edge Courthouse Quiltblocks Lorraine Smith.jpg
Little House on Prarire quilt Lorraine Smith.jpg
Flag Quilt by Esther G.  Meander star and simple meander quilt design.jpg
Flag Quilt by Esther G closeup of simple meander on the stripes of the flag quilt..jpg
Back of flag quilt.  Also her design for the backing by Esther G..jpg
Flag Quilt by Esther G closeup of star Meander over the blue area where stars go on this quilt.jpg
Crown Royal Quilt.jpg
Embroidery ELK0903_edited.jpg
Edge to Edge Quilt Design on Quilt from Seattle WA
Close up of zoo animals with their buttons on their toes Tracey K quilt.jpg
Longarm  Quilting.jpg
USB Embroidery Hoop 2GB.jpg


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